Former Arkansas governor and Christian socialist Mike Huckabee has attacked Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts health care program in his new book.

A noble goal, indeed, but when the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation stepped into the lab to examine this experiment-in-progress, they found that health care, which was 16 percent of the state budget in 1990, had jumped to 35 percent in 2010. (That’s not a typo; health care is consuming over a third of the entire state budget!).
It’s pretty misleading to use a 20-year statistic to describe a health care plan that has been in place for four years. Actually, the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation reported in May 2009 that the cost of the plan to taxpayers has been “relatively modest and well within initial projections.” He continues,
You get one guess as to who now has the highest average health-insurance premiums in the country. Yep, it’s Massachusetts!
What Gov. Huckabee fails to mention is that Massachusetts already had the highest health care premiums before RomneyCare. Now Huckabee is calling for Romney to apologize for his health care plan. If anyone owes an apology to the taxpayers, it’s Governor Huckabee, the ultimate Big Government Republican, who was described by the libertarian CATO Institute as having an “insistence on raising taxes at almost every turn throughout his final term.”